In the summer of 1990 a delegation from the Viborg Karate School in Denmark went out to Honbu for training. After one of the sessions, the now late Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara, sat down outside with the Danes in the yard of the dojo for an informal debate on future aspects of Ashihara Karate. Some exiting questions arose:
– Would it be possible to rally the world’s strongest Ashihara exponents once a year to develop their skills through extreme competition?
– Would it be possible to create such an atmosphere of spirit by the various branch chiefs that they would undergo the severe task of preparing and supporting their best fighters for such a contest?
– Would it be possible to set up a tournament that as a whole in organisational quality would match the genius of the style?

The representatives of the Viborg Karate School accepted this challenge, and once back in Denmark they began immediately to investigate the possibilities. As time passed settings began to build up, and more visits to Honbu by other representatives of the Viborg Karate School just added to the conviction that they were on the right approach.
Then one day in 1993 Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara gave the permission to go ahead, and at the same time baptised the tournament the Sabaki Challenge Spirit. Honbu sent out invitations to all official branches for the first tournament to take place on April 2nd 1994 in Viborg, Denmark, and the rest is history.


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